Monday, June 1, 2009

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Review for Clickbank Bonus Domination 2

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Clickbank Bonus Domination 2
A complete system to Clickbank domination and to capture your list as an affiliate with specific niche
A complete and modula system on how to monetize using Clickbank, list building for affiliates, and most importantly how to upsale, cross sale to your existing list. One of the focal point is in bonus creation, where he will show you how to increase your sales using bonuses. Next you will learn how to build a strong and lasting relationship with your list of buyers. You will be provided with email templates readied made for you in the member's section. You will also learn opt in pages creation, the process of auto responders, opt in templates will also be provided to you. In the video you will also be taught about Twitter. The latest mass traffic source. Jeff will also guide you step by step on how to install the bonus script and also how to integrate your auto responder to the script for maximum profits. In a nut shell, this system is very good if you provide your buyers tonnes of bonuses. As this is what this system will do for you by automating the bonus delivery and at the same time add your buyers to your list and also selling to them more stuffs. This system only works well with Clickbank. And you will also need to register for an auto responder account from a third party.

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