Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google Chrome OS

This Google Chrome OS is an up and coming interesting event to watch closely. Will the Google Chrome OS topple the Microsoft OS giant? Or will the Microsoft OS giant take over Google's search business by buying over Yahoo and coming up with Bing.com ?

Wow, what a global event!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Review of "Ewen Chia's My FREE Website Builder Software"

Download your free website builder here!

Download your free website builder here!

My Free Website Builder
Let you create your website immediately with ease
This tool is easy to install and use. It is suitable for both newbies and intermediate website creators but not for professional web creators. Most of its functions are like those of dreamweaver and frontpage but lack the detail modification functionalities tools needed by a professional webmaster. It has build in ftp client tool which allow you to easily upload your html web files into your web hosting account and also has additional money making features which guides you along the way to making money online, if you are keen to do so. On top of that the "My Free Website Builder" provides 100++ of web templates for the creator. This makes the website creation process even simplier. HTML knowledge is not necessary to use this tool. But will be a plus if some html skill sets are there. The download will also provide a detail user guide and videos on how to use this good tool.
Good, Free
Review of "Instant Profit Machine"


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Instant Profit Machine
This is quite similar to Turbo Cash Generator. Produced by Shelly Ryan as well.
You will need to install this application and register for the recommended affiliates programs. Website will also be provided for your setup and upload. Installer and manuals can be downloaded from the membership area. The best deal is that it has a guarantee money back promise which comes with the purchase. You will be working alot with Clickbank products.
Good for beginner to intermediate users
Review of the "Turbo Cash Generator that Works with Twitter!"


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Turbo Cash Generator
An application installer which after installed allows you to earn online money automatically with Clickbank and Twitter and with minimum attendance
This product is created by the online entrepreneur Shelly Ryan. This product claims that it will automatically make momey for you in the background and all you have to do is to set it up and wait for the money to roll in. Well first of all after you had downloaded your product, you will need to install it. After that you will need to register for the affiliate programs which comes recommended with the package. And you can check your earning by logging into your Clickbank account. The major earning business model is via affiliate marketing and using the traffic from Twitter which is increasing by the minutes. Nope, I should say by the seconds! But Twitter tweet postings are not integrated. The package will also comes with a complete website for you to upload to your domain. You will need to think and register for your domain name. Which in my view is one of the important steps to earn your money online.

This is a great application for beginners and intermediate affiliate marketeers. As it provides the business model and the frame works for them to follow and from there you can develop advance skills. It is really a quick and lazy way to start your online business. No html or coding knowledge needed but you will need to know the domain registration part.

The package comes with training videos, manuals/handbook and the installer . After you have go through the basic course. Shelly Ryan will also teach you how to create your own online products. Not bad! Another good thing is on the price. You can try to exit her sales page and there will be a popup box offering you a 25% discount off her package.

Very Good for beginner, intermediate users

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogging and Making Money from your Blogg

Review for Rob Benwell's "Blogging to the Bank 3.0"

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Blogging to the Bank 3.0
For serious online bloggers who want to make serious online money with pure hard work.
This is an eBook for bloggers who really, really is focusing on making money online. Rob Benwell is a very process oriented person. Where in his eBook, he will reveal to you his million dollar blogging experiences in steps or processes. Generally you will need to know your niche and be very persistance in following his steps and completing every step or process in his book. And you will be on your way to getting part of the online money pie. But before you are able to do that, you need to be able to find the niche market as explained in Rob's book. Alot of marketeers are waiting for his 3.0 as Rob had already made his millions on the net and tonnes of people out there are eagerly waiting for his book and his secrets.

Rob's general business model for blogging is to firstly of course to build your own blog, then next is to produce the contents, either by writing yourself, buying it or outsource it. Thirdly will be to get the eye balls to your blog by using his traffic techniques, and last by not least making money with affiliate marketing, Google adsense, etc. And once you had completed your first blogging process, proceed to the next "Profitable Niche" and not the niche which you like. But its the niche which the internet userssss like and prefers. And again Clickbank is Rob's focus for his blogs. And he will also guide you on how to select the correct and MOST profitable Clickbank products for which blog and niche you are after.

Rob will also teach you how to sell your blog, how to get subscribers to your blogs. He has tonnes of them and Rob will sent Clickbank products to his lists for conversions. These are the good stuffs you will learn from him. Rob's book is purely process based. And the good thing is that if you dont like the book you can ask for a refund back.
Very Good

That's right -- This system will single handedly increase affiliate sales AND build a massive list of buyers... and now you have access to it...

Review for Clickbank Bonus Domination 2

“Discover The System That Created an EXTRA $2,276.33 In Less Than 14 Days With NO List and Doubled, Tripled and Quadrupled Commissions ...On Auto-Pilot” Click Here! To Download Now

Clickbank Bonus Domination 2
A complete system to Clickbank domination and to capture your list as an affiliate with specific niche
A complete and modula system on how to monetize using Clickbank, list building for affiliates, and most importantly how to upsale, cross sale to your existing list. One of the focal point is in bonus creation, where he will show you how to increase your sales using bonuses. Next you will learn how to build a strong and lasting relationship with your list of buyers. You will be provided with email templates readied made for you in the member's section. You will also learn opt in pages creation, the process of auto responders, opt in templates will also be provided to you. In the video you will also be taught about Twitter. The latest mass traffic source. Jeff will also guide you step by step on how to install the bonus script and also how to integrate your auto responder to the script for maximum profits. In a nut shell, this system is very good if you provide your buyers tonnes of bonuses. As this is what this system will do for you by automating the bonus delivery and at the same time add your buyers to your list and also selling to them more stuffs. This system only works well with Clickbank. And you will also need to register for an auto responder account from a third party.

Secret Report

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"How A Frustrated, Over-Worked Georgia Mom
Accidentally Stumbled Upon The Exact Steps To
Making $154,819.96 A Year As A Super Affiliate,
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You won't need to "learn" anything .... Just COPY these. No margin for error... just a template that's already profitable for you to duplicate.

You won't need to "learn" anything .... Just COPY these. No margin for error... just a template that's already profitable for you to duplicate.
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

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